How to care for a cactus?


Recently me and my friends have all got cacti and none of us really have the skill of looking after them.

Some of the internet says once a week but others say once a month. I don’t really know how often to water it but it seems to survive and tbh I only water it when I remember (not often or regular at all) it can be three times in a week or three times in a year…

Also where do you keep a cactus? they need light… a window sill is good I think they survive well inside due to low humidity.

Tip- some are spiky so don’t touch the spikes

Fact- the tallest cactus is over 78 feet tall

Shopping in Birmingham


Just had a scone in Birmingham’s new John Lewis it was hugeeeee but tastyyyyy with cream and jam of course I also found an amazingggggg elephant pillow it was green and grey.   They are the perfect colours to redecorate my room. In the station there was a little food place called Camden Food Co. it was amazing I had a take out chicken korma and it comes in a little pot and it tasted amazing!!! I took it and ate it waiting for the train to my grandads house to wish him a happy birthday.

I’m Sarah

Hello, my name is Sarah Murray,

I am 15 years old, and live in England.

I am currently studying for my GCSEs in Physical Education, Spanish, Computing and Geography as well as all the core subjects. In my spare time I enjoy gymnastics, clarinet and I volunteer at a local nursery.